The bum life at Dahican Surf Resort, Mati

A few months ago, I promised to write about this resort that became our weekend home during our trip to Mati City, Davao Oriental. The reason why I wanted to write about it separately is because I wanna show you how cool and laid back this resort is.

The resort is conveniently located at the heart of Dahican Beach. Everyone knows about this resort so when you drive here, you can easily spot the location.


Dahican Surf Resort (DSR) doesn’t have a website just yet. However, you can contact them through their Facebook page for reservation. Afterwards, they’ll give instructions for the payment and you’re all set.

Their rates are as follows:

Room typeNo. of PaxPrice (Php)
Fan Room5   2,500
Fan Room6         3,000
Fan Room7         3,500
Fan Room8         4,000
Fan Room10         5,000
Fan Room12         6,000
Dorm Room1            500
Aircon Room2         2,000
   Excess per head            500

Do note that comfort rooms and bathrooms are shared. Meals are not included in the price and beddings are already provided. The accommodations are all hut/cottage types that comes with bunk beds.

If you prefer to camp, their rates are as follows:

Price (Php)
Tent and Hammok Rental300-500
Overnight Fee (per head)300

Please note that whether you rent or bring your own tents, you are still required to pay the overnight fee.

If you are just planning to walk in for a day tour, their rate is Php 100 head. Tables and chairs are already free for use. If you will be getting a room, there is no need to pay for the entrance fee.


The best part about being at DSR is the free for use amenities which includes the Kitchen, grillers, refrigerator, tables and chairs for each hut. They also do not have a corkage fee so you can bring in all the food and drinks that you want. You can also ask their staff to cook for you, at a minimal fee, while you just bum away at the beach.

If you are planning to cook here though, just make sure to bring everything with you, including condiments and utensils. We forgot to bring ours but gladly there’s a small sari sari store just beside the resort fronting the beach.

DSR also has their very own refreshments bar. Yes, after a long day at the beach, you can definitely hang out at DSR’s Surf Shack Bar and Grill for some drinks and good food. This place has it all. From coffee, shakes, juices to hard liquors. Name your pick. Don’t worry, its not too overpriced like some other resorts.

Surfing lessons

Did I forget to mention that Dahican Beach is also a popular destination for surfing? Yes it is. Siargao isn’t the only surfing spot in the country.

And but what use is it when part of DSR’s name is “Surf” and it doesn’t offer surfing and skimming lessons, right? Don’t fret cause they do! At a minimal rate of Php400, you can have your lessons for an hour and this rate already includes the surf board and instructor.

Thing to note

If you are traveling with family and is looking for a place to spend the night, this place may not be for you. Like I said, the rooms are filled with bunk beds. I don’t think it would be comfortable for older people. This place though is perfect for weekend trips with friends and those who are okay with a simple accommodation. Again, this is not a place of luxury. It’s for those who want to live the island, beach bum life.

However, for day trips, this will be a perfect place to come to since you only need to pay for the entrance fees and there’s no need to pay rental for the tables and chairs.

If you are planning to come here at Dahican Beach, make sure to only leave footprints behind. Locals themselves take lots of care of their gem. Early morning, there were resort staff who did some beach clean up. It was awesome to see such gesture by the locals and we should do our part too by being responsible visitors.

Have you been to Mati yet? Have you tried surfing? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

For more information about spending a weekend at Mati, head on to my other article: DIY Mati Itinerary for only Php 2,000.

Ciao for now!

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