Balay sa Busay: Cebu’s homey mountaintop resto

After a long tiring week at work, we all long of being able to go away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where to? For Cebuanos, it would not be a problem as we have both the option of going to the sea or just drive up to the mountains. Me and my friends did the latter and we found ourselves at Balay sa Busay one friday evening.

To be honest, I’ve been meaning to come here for a long time. Both in Busay and at Balay sa Busay. It’s a newly opened restaurant along Tops Road that offers unique filipino food with a homey ambiance and a great view of the city. Getting here is quite a challenge if you do not have a private vehicle but I tell you, the time spent here will be worth it and here’s why:


Balay sa Busay serves filipino food but its not your ordinary Filipino food as it comes with a twist. For example, ang Paboritong Sisig ni Tatay is served in a mini shovel and the Tinola ni Lolo comes with Lechon. Fun, right? Not only that, I must say their food is really great and satisfying. It tastes really good and well enough for the price. My personal favorites are the Sisig and the Pinakbet.


I love the ambiance here at Balay sa Busay. Not only does it come with the great view of the city, but their restaurant offers a choice of both alfresco and indoor dining. Their interiors have a homey, rustic design that adds charm to the place. I most especially love the high ceiling concept in this restaurant. They also have a huge seating capacity so you’ll be sure it isn’t too cramped up while you dine. It’s honestly a very relaxing place to be in and just sitting there waiting for your orders would already make you feel very comfortable.


Excellent! Yes, aside from the food, their service is just excellent. Food wasn’t served too long. Whenever we needed something, there are crew on standby. This just made Balay sa Busay worth coming back to.

Now, the next question is how to get here? If you have a private car, just hit up Balay sa Busay in Google Maps and you’ll find your way up. If you are feeling adventurous though, you can opt to ride a habal habal coming here and tell them you are going to Balay sa Busay at Cebu Tops Road. Fare would be around Php 200 per motorcycle but can ride 2 pax. You can also try booking through Grab 6 seater. Drivers would normally haggle for a slightly higher price but as long as it doesn’t go beyond Php 100 per head, I think it’s fair enough.

You now have a new dining option with your family and friends be it for special occasions, a simple get together, or just a short getaway from the city. Hope you’ll enjoy your time at Balay sa Busay. Enjoy the fresh mountain breeze. Enjoy the food. Enjoy being with your loved ones.

Ciao for now!

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