Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean BBQ is now in Cebu!

The newest player in the Unlimited Korean BBQ scene is officially here in Cebu! Samgyupsalamat, established in 2012 and claimed to be the originator of Unlimited Korean BBQ, now makes its home in The Ridges Complex, Mabolo, Cebu City. Probably not known to many, this Korean BBQ place is actually quite popular in Metro Manila. This came after one of its first branches was opened below a fitness gym. Now, the craze for this place is evident with long waiting lines and people waiting 1-2 hours for a seat.

Now, is it really worth it? Is it worth lining up to? Will this new Unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant find a place in the K-BBQ loving hearts of the Cebuanos? Let’s find out!

First things first, Samgyupsalamat is open from 11am-2am daily. Yes, you’ve read it right, they close at dawn. Perfect for those who finish their work late or for those craving a good meal after their overtime.

Now, for their unlimited options, you have two:

Unlimited 1 (Unlimited Pork)
Happy Hour* (11am-3pm) : Php399
Regular Hour (3pm-2am) : Php449

Unlimited 2 (Unlimited Pork and Beef)
Happy Hour* (11am-3pm) : Php449
Regular Hour (3pm-2am) : Php499

*Happy Hour prices are not applicable on weekends and holidays.

For our dinner, we got the best of both worlds which was Unlimited 2. This option allows you to choose from 10 kinds of meat. However, you can only order two kinds at a time. Bummer? No. For me it was reasonable cause you don’t want your table to be too crowded from all the plates and you don’t want to pay extra charge for the leftovers.

Did I mention that everything else, including the rice, soup, side dishes and iced tea were unlimited too? Yes, they are! Included in the side dishes were our ever favorite Kimchi, Steamed eggs, sweet potatoes, lettuce and more.

Now comes the meat. I have only these words to say “Salamat Lord for Korean BBQ!”. Each meat we tried were really good! They are fresh, tender and melts in your mouth. We mostly indulged ourselves with their beef options and my personal favorites are the Beef Samgyup and Gochujang Beef (spicy). The Beef samgyup is perfect for dipping in their 6 kinds of sauces (unlimited too!).

If that’s not enough reason to actually eat here, let me tell you how awesome their service is. When we were to be seated, we found our table already prepared with all the side dishes, soup, rice and drinks. All that’s left was for us to choose our meat. They have the most attentive service crew I’ve experienced in a Korean restaurant in Cebu. They are fast and are very friendly. I must say its one of the big reasons why I love this place. We all know that no matter how good the food is, if its not paired up with great service, it will be a huge let down. So props to Samgyupsalamat Cebu for the awesome service.

If you ever decide to come here, I suggest coming in off peak hours cause the line can get really long. There’s no limit to the time in eating here so you can expect a group to finish 1-2 hours before they’ll get up.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoy your meal if you decide to come and dine here 🙂

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