South Korea: A day trip to Gangchon Rail Park

If you have an extra day in South Korea or is looking for a fun unique experience, then you might want to consider going on a Rail Bike adventure in an unused railway at Gangchon Rail Park.

Located 2 hours away from Seoul, a trip to Gangchon Rail Park can be inserted when you plan on visiting Nami Island and Petite France since it is just a few stations away from Gapyeong Station.

How to get to Gangchon Rail Park:

From Seoul Station, Take Line 1 (Blue) to Hoegi Station. Transfer to GyeongChun Line (light blue). Alight at Gimyujeong Station (Exit 1). Fare is approximately KRW 2,850

Another option is to take the ITX-Chuncheon Line. Since the ITX won’t stop at Gimyujeong Station, you can stop at Gapyeong Station and transfer to the regular train. Approximate fare is KRW 4,800 (ITX) + KRW 1,250 (Regular Train from Gapyeong to Gimyujeong)

Once you arrive at Gimyujeong Station, you can immediately see the park entrance right beside the station. Just walk for 5 minutes.

Getting your tickets:

If there was one thing we regretted doing, it was not purchasing tickets ahead of time. When we arrived at the station, instead of buying tickets, we even opted to eat first than buy tickets. We also did not reserve tickets online. It was a bad idea. We had to wait an hour more for our ride since the next schedule was full and we had to book the 4 seater bike instead of the 2 seater.

Anyways, do buy your tickets online as they are much cheaper compared to buying it onsite. Just be sure to be at the park 30 minutes before your scheduled ride.

2 seater- KRW30,000/bike
4 seater - KRW40,000/bike

You can also buy your tickets online here.

Rail bike journey

Before you start hopping on your rail bikes, you will be briefed first by the staff. However, we couldn’t understand anything cause it was in Korean and there was no translator. We only understood that we have to keep pedaling, no getting off the rail bike and no bumping on another ride.

The 4 seater bikes went on first, followed by the 2 seater bikes. The ride was fast at first but then we opted to slow down a bit. Not only cause we were tired, but it was such a great opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

Since the course is actually 8.2 km long, you’ll be able to pass by many scenery including a river, the mountains enveloped in autumn colors and the 4 mountain tunnels. It was a great choice to come here during autumn season cause although the sun was beaming, the cold countryside wind was very refreshing and was enough to get us through the pedaling.

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll pass by 4 mountain tunnels. So what’s exciting about these tunnels? You won’t just merely pass through it. The management made sure that each tunnel had something to offer including going through a dreamy experience where it felt like you are surrounded by stars.

Included in the course is a short stop where you can take a toilet break and have some snacks. This was such a breather. To be honest, it was a bit tiring for me. Probably because we rode a 4-seater bike and there were only 2 of us? Or probably I didn’t exercise much before I came here (haha!)? Anyways, among those with us were a lot of Senior Citizens and if they can pedal their way through, then you can too 🙂

Then comes the second part of the journey. Don’t worry, all you have to do is board a train that will take you to the Old Gangchon Station. It’s a 15-20 minute journey where you can just relax and enjoy the scenery. Just be sure to be seated near the window. Once you arrive at the old Gangchon Station, you can ride the free shuttle buses back to Gimyujeong Station.

Overall, the whole activity lasted for 2 hours and the ride was one I never regretted doing. I’m glad we chose this as one of our activities in South Korea because it was both an enjoyable and unique experience.

So if you have time, squeeze in this worthwhile adventure during your travel in South Korea. Just remember to purchase your tickets beforehand and manage your time well 🙂

Ciao for now!

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