Lub d Hostel Makati: My first hostel dorm experience

Staying at hostels is a primary choice for me when I travel. I find hostels to be of good value especially when you are out the whole day and you’ll only be needing a place to sleep. It provides a good place to snooze at a much cheaper rate compared to hotels. However, I must admit that I have never ever tried staying at a hostel dorm before. The rooms I book were usually in private rooms. So without hesitation and with a huge amount of curiosity, I booked my first ever hostel dorm experience at Lub D Hostel in Makati, Philippines.

Lub D Hostel is a fairly new hostel and claims to be the largest hostel in the Philippines as to date. It is located in Poblacion, Makati where a lot of happenings take place. Bars, restaurants and shops are all around the hostel.


I booked online a week before the trip for a one bed in a ladies dorm. The price I paid was discounted and was only Php 573, that is if you book more than a week before your trip. The original price for a bed in the ladies dorm is Php 675. I already saved a hundred pesos just by booking online! Great deal, right?

The property also has a mixed dorm room at Php 650 per bed, Junior private room for 2 at  Php 2,200 and a barkada room good for 4 at  Php 3,100. Just remember, you can save hundreds if you book online more than a week before your trip.

I arrived an hour earlier before their standard check in time. Luckily, they allowed me to check in early which gave me an additional time to rest before heading out for the day. Their check in is pretty smooth though. You only need your valid ID and reservation and then you’re settled. You’ll be given your key card which allows you access to the elevator and your room.


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Their ladies dorm room has 8 bunk beds and although I knew what my room would look like, the room still impressed me. It was really clean and my bed was huge. In my bed, the pillow, blanket and towel were already prepared. Each space has their own light lamp, USB charging ports, universal sockets, and a small safe. The beds also has its own curtain for a more private sleep. The room also has an assigned locker for you where you can keep your luggage. Note though that you’ll need to have your own locks for the lockers and the safe.


Now since I’m staying in a dorm, of course I will have access to the shared bathroom. There’s only one shared bathroom in our floor but I tell you, its huge and clean. The toilets and showers are separated and there are a number of cubicles for each. Their showers are loaded with shampoo and shower gels. Their toilets are with bidet and tissue. Toilets with bidet is such an A+ for me. Aside from that, they have a powder area in the bathroom in which they provide you cotton balls, cotton buds, hair iron and a hair blower. Oh by the way, they also have shower caps. All these, you can definitely get and use for free.


Inside the bathroom is also a coin operated washer and dryer. Such a lifesaver for long-term customers.

Their common area, which is also where their check in counters are, is also a fun space. They have board games, arcade and billiards for your entertainment. They also have a small theater room, co-working space and a small cafe all found in the same floor. However, I was not able to try their cafe for breakfast as I was already in a hurry for work. Do note though, that aside from the room discount when booking online, they will also give you a surprise 20% discount card that can be used for any food in their cafe. Pretty good deal indeed!


So there goes my first hostel dorm experience. Lub D Hostel Makati was pretty impressive. From their crew who were really hospitable, down to the little details of how the rooms are designed, you’ll know that they have their customers in mind. I slept really comfortably in my dorm bed. I guess sharing a room with strangers ain’t pretty bad at all. Plus, you’ll get to meet new friends from different parts of the world.

All in all, I was happy about my first hostel dorm experience and for sure, this won’t be the last one.

Ciao for now!




Note: this is not a paid ad for LubD Hostel Makati. I am simply sharing my experience here 🙂


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