Leega Korean Restaurant: Unli Samgyeopsal and more for only Php 299!

One of my favorite things about Korea is undeniably their Samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal literally means “three layered flesh” but to understand it simply, its just sliced pork belly. It is a common dish in Korea, often enjoyed by friends or coworkers after a long day.  The meat is usually cooked by yourself in a grill, although when we experienced this in South Korea, we had one of the restaurant staff cook it for us.


There has been a long list of Korean restaurants offering Samgyeopsal here in Cebu but one of the newest places that stood out is Leega Korean Restaurant. For only Php 299, you can enjoy unlimited Samgyeopsal with your family and friends. With an additional Php 100, you can also enjoy Chadolbagi (beef slices).

The place is usually packed especially on the evenings that during our first attempt to eat here, we were number 16 on the waiting list. But it’s no wonder! The price you pay is worth the food you eat.

To go with your unlimited samgyeopsal, they also have a self service buffet of side dishes and mains to go with your meal. Included in the list are egg rolls, kimchi, cabbage salad, Jap Chae, Kimbob, Dakangjung (korean chicken), Topokki, Dumplings, Bulgogi and kimchi pancakes. Lately, they also added Jajangmyeon (black noodles) and Dakgalbi in their offering.

Overall, the food was good. If you come in hungry, you’ll definitely come out full. The unlimited samgyeopsal itself is worth coming back to. Although, some of the side dishes weren’t really delightful like their topokki which was too soggy and their dumplings which were too oily. I also think the food needs to be in a heating dish instead of a plate to at least keep it warm.

My other complaint though is the place itself. The floor was slippery that I fear having to trip anytime I stand up. The ventilation also needs a lot of improvement. We were sweating like crazy when we ate cause there’s only one small exhaust fan and a few small airconditioners. They had electric fans to make it better but still were not enough. I just think the place is not ready for barbecue grilling. So if you come dine here, come dine at night cause you will leave the place smelling like barbecue.

Still, despite some imperfections, me and my friends enjoyed our time here. Unli Samgyeopsal for the win!

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Restaurant Info:

Leega Korean Restaurant

A.S Fortuna Street (beside Bo’s Coffee/Jollibee)

Open from 11:30am-12mn


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