Campuestohan Highland Resort: Your next weekend getaway

Summer season is already here and what better way to escape the grueling heat of Mr. Sun than to head on to the mountains. Right at the boundary of Bacolod and Talisay City in Negros Occidental is Campuestohan Highland Resort, a mountain resort perfect for those who want to get away from the heat of the city.

Our visit to Campuestohan Highland Resort was part of our second day itinerary while in Bacolod (See our Bacolod, Iloilo and Guimaras Trip here). This post is already long overdue for you guys so let me get straight to the point by sharing to you the things you need to know about this beautiful mountain resort and my top reasons why this is your next perfect getaway with friends or family.

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Going to the Resort:

  • Shuttle Service – The resort offers shuttle service every weekend for Php 100 if shared and a rate of Php 3,000 if you want it private. The shuttle service is good for 30pax.
  • Private Van – Pick up and drop off rates ranges from Php 1,500-2,000. Max capacity is 12-14pax.
  • Taxi – We rented a private taxi for a day that could fit around 7-8 pax. I highly recommend our driver, Kuya Janjan, who took us around and took care of our stuff while we were away having fun. You may reach him at 09499887673.  If you only want to be dropped off, a one way fare going to the resort could range from Php 500-700.
  • Commute – To be honest, I cannot recommend DIY commute here as it is quite far from the city and only a few public transportation pass by the resort. I’ve also read from other blogs that it’s quite a hassle to do this and would take too much time compared to opting for a taxi or private vehicle.

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  • Entrance Fee: Php 150

This already includes the use of swimming pool, hanging bridge,

  • Cottages: Php 500-1,000

Cottages can cater 5-20pax depending on the cottage type.

  • Overnight Accomodations: Php 2,500 – 6,000

They have quite a number of rooms available in the resort and depending on the room type, the rooms can cater 4-10pax. Each room fee already comes with free entrance to the resort, use of amenities like the pool, and free breakfast.

I personally could not comment on the experience for overnight stay since we went here for day use. However, I look forward to trying it on the next visit soon.

Now, let me share to you my top reasons why Campuestohan Highlands Resort is your next weekend getaway, be it with your family or friends.

  • The Swimming pools

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Imagine that by paying just the entrance fee, you can already use this huge wave pool? This pool is definitely a sure win for both young and old.  Not only that, this isn’t the only pool that you can enjoy inside the resort. There is also an ongoing construction of a kiddie pool near the entrance.

  • The children’s rides and playground

2017-11-01 08.34.36 2.jpg

There are numerous rides that children can get to enjoy while in the resort. Although it comes with a separate fee, prices are not too expensive with kiddie rides ranging from Php 30-50. There are also numerous playgrounds located around the resort which are free of charge.

  • Inexpensive extreme rides

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I was impressed that their extreme rides are not too expensive. Fees only range from Php 100-250 per ride. And yes, it’s already cheap compared to other places that I have tried. Their extreme rides include the zipline, sky cycle, glider and the hamster wheel.

  • Themed Rooms + Camping


Although I’ve already said that we weren’t able to stay overnight, I still included this as one of my top reasons for coming back because I love how they have decorated their rooms with unique themes. Example, some rooms look like Indian tents, Hobbit Holes, and Log cabins. There is also a space for tents if you opt to stay in one.

  • Cool mountain breeze

Located 800m above sea level, it’s no wonder that the air is so fresh and cool. Coming here was indeed such a breather. Not only can you enjoy the mountain view, you also get to relax while you’re here. If you are tired of city life and want to get away for a day or two, then this is the place for you.

  • Fun structures everywhere!

There are quite a number of fun structures all around the resort. From the Kung Fu Panda cast, King Kong, a big shoe like building which is actually a comfort room, dinosaurs, superheroes and more. You can easily spend an hour just going around the resort to take pictures. Trust me, there’s so much place where you can strike a pose.

  • No corkage fee


2017-11-01 08.57.29 1.jpg

I’m always so grateful if resorts don’t charge corkage fees and Campuestohan is included in that list. You can bring in food and have a family/barkada picnic in one of their huts. They also have grilling stations available inside the resort.

So if you don’t have plans yet for a weekend getaway, then consider visiting Campuestohan Highland Resort as they definitely have something for all ages.

Till next time! Ciao for now 🙂



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