Fat Dois: Cheese x Ribs x Chix

Who would not be familiar with the mysterious red door along A.S Fortuna street at Mandaue City, Cebu? You see people lining up every day waiting in front of the door. So what is it that they are waiting for? What is inside that they are willing to line up beside the street? Well, my curiosity got me again so I asked my friends to come along and line up with me to know what they have to offer.

Then came our turn an hour later. Yes, it took that long. But will it be worth it? Let’s find out.

They offer only a few items in their menu which are Ribs, Chicken in three flavors (Garlic Soy, BBQ and Spicy) and Spicy Noodles. But you see, they mean business. Cheese business. Along with these mains are a handful of mozzarella cheese to mix and munch your hunger away. They also have sides such us kimchi rice and fries.


We ordered all the mains except chicken in garlic soy. I honestly like how there are only a few items on their menu as it spares us too much time from deciding.

Our dishes did not come too long although the place was really packed. We had our mains ready in 5 to 10 minutes.

The best part about dining at Fat Dois is you get to experience heating the mains by yourself and cooking your noodles. I found this an enjoyable and unique experience. It gets you excited to eat and makes you drool more as you see the stretch of melted mozzarella cheese.



So was it worth it? Yes it was! I’m both a cheese and chicken lover but I won’t be biased about this review. The chicken was good for 2-3 persons and both BBQ and Spicy flavors complemented well with the gooey mozzarella cheese. I especially love the spicy flavor.

The ribs were also so tender that it fell right off the bones. Although you can get a bigger serving of ribs with the same price at other restaurants, their cheese game makes it a winner too.


The noodles were okay but not the best for me. I think there was too much water and lacked a bit of seasoning. But my friends loved it and we were still able to finish everything to the last drop of soup. I love how there’s cheese, spam and egg with the noodles. It makes the dish more exciting to try. Be careful not to overcook your noodles though cause it might get soggy if cooked too long.


Overall, I love my experience at Fat Dois. I think the price was worth it for the ambiance, taste and experience of the food. One of my friends, who really isn’t a foodie thoroughly enjoyed her meal and said she loved it. Also a big thumbs up for their drinks and rice prices. The only downside here tho is the waiting game. So Just be sure you are not yet super hungry when you decide to dine here as the place can only cater probably 30-40 persons. Hoping the owners will find a bigger space soon so they can accommodate more diners. But overall, it is great.

Till the next food adventure! Ciao 🙂


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