3 countries, 5 days for Php10k budget each

As first seen in Tripzilla PH

I have always loved making itineraries, whether it’s for a day trip or a long trip somewhere. It gives me a sense of excitement and imagination of what would happen. Now making the itinerary for this trip is a very special one for me since it will be the first out of town, out of the country trip with my college besties.

Who would have thought it was possible for me and my friends to gather up and pack our bags? What started out as a plan on paper became a reality last April 2017 when we took on the challenge to visit 3 countries in a 5-day itinerary. Later, you’ll see how we were able to visit Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia and spent only less than ₱10,000, excluding airfare (I didn’t include airfare in this write up since prices tend to vary). Impossible? Nope. Definitely not.

Before you read on, let me get a few things straight:

  • We all know that people will always have something to say, whether good or bad. But I hope we’ll all keep a positive atmosphere. Perhaps put on a smiley in your comments? 🙂 
  • Besh, when this article was first posted in Tripzilla, it had mixed reactions. So I just wanna clarify that there are no hidden expenses here. I mean, who can benefit from lying, right?
  • Again, airfare is excluded in this article. This only includes the pocket money.
  • This post was originally intended to inspire people like me who have an 8-5 job. This means limited vacation leaves.  So as much as we want to extend our time travelling, we just cant easily do so 😦
  • Besh, you have the freedom to follow or not follow this itinerary. This may or may not be the best route for you. It really depends on your goal and budget. But what I do want to say is that we all have our own style in travelling. We all know what is best for us and what is not. The ultimate decision is still in your court and no one can judge you for that. 😉



Day 1: Singapore

Book you hotels here.

Since we were already able to visit Singapore before, we mostly went to places we were not able to visit. If this is your first time in SG, by all means, spend a few days here. There’s just so much to see!

Little India (Breakfast)


Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple


Masjid Abdul Gaffoor Mosque


Arab Street and Haji Lane


Masjid Sultan Mosque and Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam

National Library of Singapore (Only spent time here since it rained so hard and we don’t have an umbrella with us.)

national library

Singapore National Gallery

national gallery

Chinatown (Lunch and souvenir shopping)


Anderson Bridge/ Merlion Park


Marina Bay Sands/ Gardens by the Bay


VivoCity Mall (Dinner)


Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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This unexpected experience to start off the day. Special Thanks to fellow Filipino and Captain of Jetstar Airlines!


Saigon Pearl


Ho Chi Minh City Hall


Saigon Opera House


Saigon Post Office


Notre Dame Basilica


Park near Notre Dame Basilica


Coffee shop visits  (Did you know that Vietnam is the 2nd largest producer of Coffee in the world? Its no wonder that coffee shops are found in almost every corner of the city)


Nguyen Hue Walking Street


District 2/ Saigon River Tunnel


Food trips


Legit Pho!


Coconut Ice cream! Delish!


Our happy find! 10,000VND (22Php) Milk Tea behind the Saigon Opera House 🙂


With our guides from Saigon Free Walking Tour. Check them out in FB and Tripadvisor.

Guys, i’d really recommend doing a FREE TOUR with “Saigon Free Walking Tours” when you’re in Ho Chi Minh City. They are a student run organization from Hao Sen University and tour guides are student volunteers. They offer a range of tours both day and night. I honestly learned a lot from them during the tour. Not just about the places we visited but also the local way of life of Vietnamese people. Just check out their facebook page and reviews at Tripadvisor. It was one of the most worth it thing we did during the trip. 😊

Ben Thanh Market (souvenir shopping)

Accommodation (3-floor Airbnb apartment)


Day 3-5: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Book you hotels here.

Quill City Mall (for some meals and groceries)


Batu Caves


Petronas Tower/ KLCC Suria Mall



Merdeka Square


Kuala Lumpur City Gallery


Pasar Seni- Central Market (souvenir shopping)


Lake Gardens


Accommodation: The Face Suites



Spacious AirBnb apartment


Infinity Pool at the 51st floor

You might wonder why we went only to a few places in KL. You see, when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, it rained really hard again so we weren’t able to follow our itinerary. We also decided to spend time in our AirBnb apartment’s infinity pool to relax and chill. 😊


Expense Amount Currency
Day 0: Cebu Airport Cebu Airport Terminal Fee             750.00 PHP
Philippine Travel Tax         1,620.00 PHP
Dinner at the airport               90.00 PHP
Day 1: Singapore MRT Card Reload               10.00 SGD
Breakfast at Little India (shared)                  3.00 SGD
Inncrowd Hostel backpack storage                  2.00 SGD
Lunch at Chinatown + Watermelon Slush                  7.50 SGD
Snacks                  2.50 SGD
Dinner (free c/o our friend)                      –
Day 2: Vietnam Sim Card (200,000/4)       50,000.00 VND
Uber from Airport to Airbnb Apartment (94,000/4)       23,500.00 VND
Lunch at Saigon Pearl       35,000.00 VND
Uber from Saigon Pearl to City Hall (48000/4)       12,000.00 VND
Bottled Water         5,000.00 VND
Uber from Notre Dame Church to Hao Sen University (9,000/4)         2,250.00 VND
Light up the Night Tour (Free!)
Motorcycle Surcharge + Tip     100,000.00 VND
Dinner: Phat Pho       64,000.00 VND
Milk Tea (4pax)       40,000.00 VND
Coconut Ice cream dessert       40,000.00 VND
Souvenirs     381,000.00 VND
Uber from Ben Thanh Night Market to Apartment (38,000/4)         9,500.00 VND
Midnight Snack and Breakfast Food       22,000.00 VND
Day 3: Vietnam/ Malaysia Uber from Apartment to Airport (115,000/4)       28,750.00 VND
Uber from KLIA2 to The Face Suites (80/4)               20.00 MYR
Uber from The Face Suites to Quill City Mall (2/4)                  0.50 MYR
Dinner                  9.90 MYR
Dessert               11.00 MYR
Groceries (snacks and breakfast)               12.00 MYR
Day 4: Malaysia Uber from the Face Suites to Batu Caves (13.41/4)                  3.35 MYR
Sim Card (30/4)                  7.50 MYR
Water                  1.00 MYR
Regular taxi – Batu Caves to Merdeka Square (30/4)                  7.50 MYR
Drinks at 7/11                  1.50 MYR
Uber from Merdeka Square to Petronas Towers (5.76/4)                  1.44 MYR
Lunch at KLCC Mall (Chicken Rice + Drinks)               13.00 MYR
Uber from KLCC Mall to Lake Gardens (8.81/4)                  2.20 MYR
Uber from Lake Gardens to Central Market (11.24/4)                  2.81 MYR
Drinks at Central Market                  1.50 MYR
Uber from Central Market to The Face Suites (9.61/4)                  2.40 MYR
GrabCar: The Face Suites to Petronas Towers (7/4)                  1.75 MYR
Uber: Petronas to Face Suites (6.29/4)                  1.57 MYR
Dinner                  6.00 MYR
Souvenirs             103.00 MYR
Day 5: Malaysia Uber: The Face Suites to KLIA2 (80/4)               20.00 MYR
Breakfast @ Mcdo KLIA2               15.00 MYR
Uber: Cebu Airport to SM City (120/4)               30.00 PHP
Vhire to Home               50.00 PHP
Vietnam (via Airbnb)             460.75  PHP
Kuala Lumpur (via Airbnb)         1,469.74  PHP
TOTAL 9,956  PHP

Currency Exchange Rates:

1 SGD = 36.20 PHP

22680 VND = 1 USD = 51.2PHP  or .00226VND = 1PHP

1 MYR = 11.20 PHP

Some tips before the trip:


  • If you’re a citizen of any ASEAN nation, then travelling to Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia will not require you any Visa. All you need is your passport, extra valid IDs, pocket money and itineraries.
  • Before our trip, we exchanged our money to Singapore Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit. We bought US Dollars to buy Vietnamese Dong since no local foreign exchange offers the money. We exchanged our US dollars to Vietnamese Dong upon arrival at the airport in Ho Chi Minh.
  • Buy a travel adapter. Do some research on the power sockets of the country you’re visiting. To be honest, we forgot about this and we’re just thankful we had our power banks with us and the airports have USB charging stations.
  • Make sure to have Uber/Grab apps in your phone. This proved cheaper (since we can divide the fare by 4pax) and faster for us to get to our destination especially in Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • Plan your entry and exits points ahead. For us, we flew to Singapore from the Philippines and took a midnight flight that saved us a night in a hotel. Our exit point was our last stop, Malaysia.
  • Pack lightly and bring a good backpack. All of us brought only 1 huge backpack plus a small bag to carry with us while going around. We wore mostly dresses during the trip to save on space and baggage weight. We were able to save hundreds from baggage allowance.
  • Instead of buying a new Singapore EZ link Card, borrow from your friends/relatives who went to Singapore. The EZ link Card will get you around Singapore through trains, buses and even allows you to use it in some stores like 7/11. Since there’s a non-refundable fee of SGD5 when you’ll buy a new card, borrowing will save you money. The cards have a lifespan of 5 years.
  • If you want to save money on accommodation, consider sleeping at the airport. Aside from trying to save money, we did this out of curiosity, experience and practicality (our flight to Vietnam was early morning the next day). We did so at Changi Airport and we didn’t feel ashamed or what since there were lots of travelers doing the same thing. Plus, what better airport to do this than in the world’s best airport, right?

Watch the video of our trip HERE.

Hope you somehow find this article helpful. If you have questions, comment them down below and I’ll to answer them as much as possible. ☺

11 thoughts on “3 countries, 5 days for Php10k budget each

  1. sandy says:

    we don’t have upcoming travels anytime soon because we are expecting a baby by the end of this year. but when we decide to go to vietname, I will def follow your itinerary. great guide you have here! =)


    • ashshian says:

      There are sleeping areas in the airport so it was okay 🙂 We felt secure. The only thing i didnt like was that it was too cold haha. Was wearing shorts at that moment.


  2. Mel says:

    Thanks for your reply! You’re blog was very informative, I’ll use your itinerary for singapore as our guide when we visit singapore very soon.


  3. Marj Castro says:

    Hi 🙂 thanks for sharing your experience! My friends and I are planning the same thing this December for our Christmas vacation. I just have one question, what did the immigration officers ask? We all have an office job so that is not a problem but we are all girls. Would the immigration be against group of friends all girls (though we are only 3) to travel. Also how did you tell that you will be going cross country hopping 🙂 Do you have any tip that you can share. Also did you book the flight ticket as a group or individually? Thanks in advance!


    • ashshian says:

      Hello marj! Thank you for dropping by my page 🙂

      For your questions, first, the immigration doesnt have any problem with all girls travelling together. We were all girls too and had our own individual jobs hehe

      The immigration will usually check your plane tickets and accommodations. As long as you have everything printed out, it wont be a problem 🙂

      My friend booked our flights as a group and booked ahead when there are promos 😀 i suggest you agree on one person who’ll book everything haha. Thats what we did 🙂

      Good luck on your planning 🙂


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