Chicken Wings on the Southside

Chicken wings, as we all know, is a growing favorite among Cebuanos and we can see how local entrepreneurs are riding the trend by opening up their own chicken wing shops here and there. And this one cebuano local is no different as he decided to open up Southside Chicken Wings at his own garage. Yep, you read that right. At his own garage! But let me tell you, their chicken wings are phenomenal (as I can’t even count anymore the number of times I’ve been here) and I will save the details for the rest of this post.

So now, let me take you to my chicken wing journey to the Southside.

Their menu consists, of course, chicken wings of different flavors with an absolutely reasonable price. This is by far the cheapest chicken wing place that I’ve been to.

For our hungry selves, we ordered the Cajun chicken wings (P129), Pesto Prieto chicken wings (159), plain rice (P15), garlic rice (P20) and sour and cream Mojos (P75). Its of great value, right? During my other visits, we were able to try their other options like the pork chops, chicken spring rolls, boneless chicken and sisig.

chicken wings

The taste test: I give it 11/10.The wings are freshly cooked. The cajun sauce completely covered the wings. The white sauce for the pesto prieto was just generous. The Mojos (which did not survive before pic was taken) was just satisfying good! I’m craving for it right now as I’m writing this. I must say their serving size is very generous too (especially the rice! haha)

To be honest, Ive been sharing about this place to my friends after the first time that I ate here cause its just the right mix of good food, homey ambiance and reasonable price. Just extend your patience a bit though, cause sometimes, it takes a while before your food will get served but I believe that’s the greatness of this place cause you’ll know that you’ll be served fresh food!

Also, I forgot to mention this, it was already 2pm when we came and the place was still packed. I remember the owner telling us that they didn’t expect this much customers at this time of the day. So you guess it, this small chicken wings place is already creating a buzz in the scene.

Give them visit at Jumabon St., San Antonio Village near Gaisano Country Mall Banilad. They are open every Monday-Saturdays from 10:30am-10:00pm. Happy eating!

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