Sachi and Ramen

One bright lunch, our team headed out for another pigging session at an unpopular location to eat: Cabancalan, Mandaue City. I say unpopular because there arent that many food strips in the area and most establishments here are commercial buildings. But little did I know that this barangay has something great to boast when it comes to food trip and its the Japanese restaurant called Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen Okonomiyaki.

I have heard about this place a few times before from my officemates. Fortunately, this got chosen during our “Hunger Games” (we pick out restaurants to eat from a box haha). I was not really excited to eat here cause I was never a fan of noodles (except pansit canton back in the days but I moved on now).

The place is located beside Patts Badminton Court in Cabancalan, Mandaue City. It would be better not to bring too many cars as the place has limited parking. Once inside, you’d immediately feel the Japanese vibe with their decors and japanese calligraphy all over. Sachi offers both aircon and non-aircon areas. At the back, there’s also a mini garden with bamboos all over to add to the overall Japanese effect. We sat at the non aircon area cause there were just too many of us.

Now onto the best part: THE FOOD. Our orders included Chashu Don Rice bowl. Gyoza, Takoyaki, Tan Tan Men Ramen and Tonkatsu Ramen.



Tonkatsu Ramen

Chasu Don

Tantanmen Ramen

I have never loved ramen/noodles as much as I did the time I ate in Sachi. It started my love affair for Ramen. My favorites are the Tan Tan Men Ramen because of its tinge of spicyness and the Takoyaki that had octopus bits in it. Their Gyoza was also yummy and I love how it was served in a way I’ve never seen before. Their rice bowl was delish too and it came with a generous serving of tender meat full of flavor that bursts in your mouth. Tonkatsu Ramen had a very generous serving of tonkatsu too plus the broth was just right for me.

The verdict: 7.5/10.

I gave that rating since I think their service needs improvement. It took a while for our orders to arrive. Plus it would have been better if they had a standby attendant for customers seated in the alfresco area. Service just matters much for me 😊 On the brighter side, when it comes to menu prices, they are definitely much cheaper compared to other Ramen restaurants with Ramen prices ranging from Php250-300+. Overall, I still went out happy and satisfied. I’ll be back for more Ramen and to try out the other items on their menu 😊

UPDATE: They’ve opened a new branch in Ayala Center now making Ramen much more accessible for our hungry bellies.

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